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Hi Jack here ,This is an entry to the Idlethumbs forums Wizard Jam.  https://www.idlethumbs.net/for...

!!If you play don't hesitate to let me know what sucks!!!

Fill the shoes of a rookie wizard on his first trip to the yearly Kings Market. From your trading cart  aid town folk with the arcane art of potion craft.


I haven't touched this in ages so its still prettty rough, a lot of nonsense solutions/bugs/crud.

At some point soon I'll come back and finish this thing but until then this is my disclaimer:

Watch out it's a bit crap . 


Alright my brain is made of jello but its time for a quick writeup. 

Firstly, this is more than unfinished. I basically managed to close the experience from one end to another but that's about it. 

Aside from endless bugs there's a lot of temp assets/writing and useless objects that dont do anything. 

For instance I never got around to doing a pass over the particle fx assets, some bubbles work others dont. The writing for descriptions I did was mostly within the last 8 hours and I know for sure its a mess. A lot of objects don't do anything and haven't been hooked up properly too. Then the seas of bugs that cause odd behaviour such as characters rotating slightly and the puffer getting stuck down. 

A very rough crawl over the finishing line. Still this is my first game and i'm psyched. 

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Published 126 days ago
Tags3D, conjurer, jam, rad, wizard


Spider_Wizard_0.5.7.7z (46 MB)
(OLD)Dank_Wizard_0.5.6.7z (42 MB)
(OLD)Dab_Wizard_0.5.5.7z (40 MB)

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awesome job, really cool

I really enjoyed this! I'm a Papers Please sucker so this was right up my alley. The way you did some UI stuff is really cool, turning music on and off, calling costumers. I also liked that you put some easter eggs effects like the one with the flux capacitor! I played an early version and it was a little buggy, so i decided to wait, happy you didn't drop it!

I can really relate to your feelings about an unfinished ambitious game. But I love what is there! You really managed a lot in a short time span and you deserve to be happy with the result!

Very cool!

What a blast! A strong core game with a lot of character and great design choices.  I love the controls tutorial, the diegetic UI/control options are well done.  You should tighten up the small stuff and consider expanding on this in the future :)

This is super charming and lovely. Well done!

While this is unfinished and very buggy, I recommend people give it a go. Firstly because it looks absolutely gorgeous and is full of character, and secondly because there are glimpses of a really fun, adorable mixing game.

Honestly, given the time of the jam this game is surprisingly polished.  I had a lot of fun and while I agree there are definitely bugs, as far as jam games go this was one of the best I've played.