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Hi Jack here ,This is an entry to the Idlethumbs forums Wizard Jam.  https://www.idlethumbs.net/for...

Fill the shoes of a rookie wizard on his first trip to the yearly Kings Market. From your trading cart  aid town folk with the arcane art of potion craft.


I haven't touched this in ages so its still prettty rough, a lot of nonsense solutions/bugs/crud.

At some point soon I'll come back and finish this thing but until then this is my disclaimer:

Watch out it's a bit crap .  :P

Published Jun 19, 2017
Tags3D, conjurer, jam, rad, wizard


Spider_Wizard_0.5.7.7z 46 MB
(OLD)Dank_Wizard_0.5.6.7z 42 MB
(OLD)Dab_Wizard_0.5.5.7z 40 MB

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Tis game was very astounding.I find that the customers were a bit picky but i had fun doing so.Farewell citizens!

Hey thanks for the lets play, really appreciate it :)

awesome job, really cool

I really enjoyed this! I'm a Papers Please sucker so this was right up my alley. The way you did some UI stuff is really cool, turning music on and off, calling costumers. I also liked that you put some easter eggs effects like the one with the flux capacitor! I played an early version and it was a little buggy, so i decided to wait, happy you didn't drop it!

I can really relate to your feelings about an unfinished ambitious game. But I love what is there! You really managed a lot in a short time span and you deserve to be happy with the result!

Very cool!

What a blast! A strong core game with a lot of character and great design choices.  I love the controls tutorial, the diegetic UI/control options are well done.  You should tighten up the small stuff and consider expanding on this in the future :)

This is super charming and lovely. Well done!

While this is unfinished and very buggy, I recommend people give it a go. Firstly because it looks absolutely gorgeous and is full of character, and secondly because there are glimpses of a really fun, adorable mixing game.

Honestly, given the time of the jam this game is surprisingly polished.  I had a lot of fun and while I agree there are definitely bugs, as far as jam games go this was one of the best I've played.