Monkey Paw Update

Sooo with the jam weekend behind us I now have to decide whether to put more work into this thing or abandon it. 

On the one hand I have a ton of other game ideas I want to start working and completing this(sorta) has given me a taste for blood. On the other i'd like this to be a fully fleshed out thing worth playing. 

... I don't know. I'll do a few more updates and then we'll see. 


This update I got the monkey paw working! 

If your unsure what the customer wants try the monkey paw.  You can use it three times until it.. err.. nevermind. 

Unlike an actual monkeypaw there is currently no drawback per wish, but I may change that in the future. If I do include a drawback mechanism Im thinking on a larger scale than just customer. Maybe it makes you deaf, maybe slows time, maybe makes you colorblind. Im not sure. Probably random roll something. 

Iv also done a bunch of tuning. Iv read all the feedback and while I haven't addressed it all yet its been invaluable. 

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Jun 27, 2017

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